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Training Agreement

Thank you for training with us at Raise The Bar Fitness!


With the expertise of our personal trainers, you are on a great path to accomplishing your fitness goals and maximizing your results.

During your supervised training sessions, every effort will be made to help you train as safely as possible. However, as with any exercise program, there are risks including increased heart stress and the chance of musculoskeletal injuries. In training with us, you agree to assume responsibility for these risks and waive any possibility for personal damage. You also agree that, to your knowledge, you have no limiting physical conditions or disability that would preclude an exercise program and have disclosed any physical conditions/injuries that you have sustained previously before the start of your training Raise The Bar Fitness on our ParQ form.

By signing below, you accept full responsibility for your own health and well-being AND you acknowledge an understanding that no responsibility is assumed by the leaders of the program.


1. Personal training sessions that are not rescheduled or canceled 12 hours in advance will be considered a failure to attend. This will result in a loss of one session and the loss of the financial investment rate of one session. Reschedules and cancellations are made directly with your trainer and can be conducted through phone, test, e-mail, or other reasonable medium.


2. Clients arriving late will receive the remainder of the session time, unless arrangements have been made at the discretion of the trainer.


3. The expiration policy requires completion of all personal training sessions within 120 days from the date of the contract. Personal training sessions are void after this time period unless otherwise stated in the initial agreement.


4. No personal training session refunds will be issued for any reason, including but not limited to relocation, illness, and unused sessions.

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